Dear Apartment Applicant,

We take pride in our management and in our apartment communities. We actively seek good residents to make their homes with us and we strive to provide the best services we possibly can while they live in the communities we manage.

We screen our applicants very carefully and we completely verify all information given to us on the rental applications and other sources available to us. We run a credit report, verify employment, check previous rental history, and we will run a criminal background check.

Everyone ages eighteen (18) and over must be a lease holder and submit a completed application. We will require two forms of identification from every applicant. WE WILL REQUIRE A COPY OF YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY CARD AND A GOVERNMENT ISSUED PICTURE ID. An original birth certificate (with raised seal) may be accepted for those who have a social security number but not the physical card. For those persons who do not have a social security card or number, we will require a copy of their VISA or other acceptable credentials (listed below).

Acceptable credentials: I-551 Permanent Resident Card, I-766 Employment Authorization Card, Temporary I-551 on I-94 or on Passport, I-327 Re-entry Permit with supporting documentation; I-94 Arrival/Departure Record, I-30 accompanied by I-94, Form I-571, I-797 Notice of Action, Form I-521L, and form I-220B.

We will obtain a criminal report for every lease holder. Many serious felonies and current indictments will result in an immediate rejection of the application. Management reserves the right to deny residency and occupancy for any criminal activity at their discretion. Guarantors/co-signers cannot be a substitute for this requirement.

This screening is used for every applicant the same way — fairly, consistently, and uniformly. We work diligently to observe both the spirit and the letter of the fair housing laws. Not just because they are the law of the land, but also because we sincerely believe in fair housing and equal opportunity for everyone.

The information you disclose about your household income is subject to wage matching from a third party source. Applicants must have a minimum combined gross income of 3 times the monthly rent. Please try to be accurate and thorough when filling out your application. The Federal Occupancy Standard is set at two (2) persons per bedroom in each apartment plus one (1) additional occupant under the age of 3. Exceptions to this standard may be made at Management’s discretion and must be in writing.

By submitting your application in our of our communities, you acknowledge that these checks and verifications will be done, and you give your permission for us to do so.